Everybody Loves the Hero Who Breaks Out of the Expected Mold: An Interview


For the excellent new blog Academia, Joshua Grasso, Professor of English at East Central University in Oklahoma, asks some wonderful questions about my adventure turning Rosette's journal and other historical records into novels and a short story about this fascinating pioneer family. 

"We think, 'Oh, how constrained she was! If only she could have . . . ' But how much do we fall into patterns today based on what our families have done, based on our socio-economic situation, based on our educational opportunities or lack of them? Everybody loves the hero who breaks out of the expected mold. But when it comes down to it, most of us find ourselves in some expected molds."

Read more here . . .

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ROSETTE Reviewed in "Discovering Diamonds: Independent Reviews of the Best in Historical Fiction"

"A wonderful snapshot into a lost world."


I am honored to have been reviewed by this solid organization that gives attention to both independent and traditionally-published work. New to the blog world in 2017, Discovering Diamonds: Reviews of the Best in Historical Fiction gathers the reviewing expertise of many with long experience in a beloved genre. Their almost-daily postings of reviews will keep fans busy with exciting new reads. Click through to subscribe yourself!




Rosette's Bloomers

A Clue on the Cover

Have you studied the gorgeous painting that Betsy Marsch did of the Rosette we imagined, based on photos of Rosette's brothers and clues in her journal? If you look closely, you'll see she's wearing bloomers. If you read the novel, you'll find out Rosette's curious history with bloomers. And if, at the end of the novel, you use the link to sign up for the list "After Rosette," you'll learn even more about the middle-aged Rosette's political opinions and bloomer opinions!

The History of Bloomers

In History Imagined, Becky Lower tells the history of this curious garment and its place in women's history. In April 2016 this blog featured an interview with Rosette, in which "she" tells more than is in the novel - regarding her bloomers.


Deborah Lawrenson on Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition








Deborah Lawrenson, British author of the novel The Lantern, writes a brief review of Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition in her blog, here: "Historical Fiction Anthology." My story behind Rosette's story appears as one chapter in this collection describing a number of notable and new works.

Cover of *Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition*


Awarded the Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence

"A poignant and compelling novel that hangs together like a vintage patchwork quilt."


Rosette was first awarded the Awesome Indies Badge of Approval in May, and with additional review has been awarded the more prestigious Seal of Excellence. Click here to read the notice and brief review on AwesomeIndies.net. 



I Had a Seat at Sophie Schiller's Historical Fiction Roundtable!

What Do Benjamin Franklin and the Giants of Mont'e Prama Have in Common?

Photo of Nuragic warrior
Nuragic warrior sandstone sculpture. Photo ©2009 DedaloNur

I was asked to answer a series of fascinating questions about historical fiction, and my answers appear with those of several other authors from around the English-speaking world on Sophie Schiller's Historical Fiction Round Table.

Click the link above or the photo of the handsome Mont'e Prama Giant to read what I have to say about him and about dinner with Benjamin Franklin. You could also get some great recommendations from writers about THEIR favorite writers  . . .

"History is about ordinary people living their ordinary lives, just as we do today, while all around the world is changing. It makes heroes out of some people and victims out of others."
--Vicky Adin, one of the roundtable authors


New Release! Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition

The Series

I began working with Suzanne Fox of Stories of You Books this summer, beginning with proofreading/editing of Stories of Inspiration - Mystery Fiction Edition. It was fascinating to read the backstory of several successful mystery writers' works, and to get to know those authors better through these personal glimpses.

Then Suzanne asked me to contribute a chapter to the Historical Fiction Edition, and I was delighted to tell about Rosette's journal and its power to inspire my first novel.


As I worked on proofreading the riveting first volume of The Mentor That Matters, Suzanne said she needed more male contributors, so I recommended some fascinating men I know - thus my husband Glenn Marsch has contributed a chapter about his mentor in toxicology research and my brother Chris Rinaman has a chapter about a jazz musician who inspired him in college. A friend has been commissioned to contribute a chapter for Volume 2, so stay tuned!

This trio of books launched just this week in Vero Beach, Florida, and all are available through Amazon and other outlets. Use the links below and in the text above to learn more about these books - I'm happy to answer questions.

Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition

The Mentor That Matters: Inspiration from Transformative Teachers, Role Models & Heroes

Moraine's Edge Books: Editing Services by Cindy Rinaman Marsch


British Novelist Jane Davis Interviews Me

Virtual Book Club: Meet Cindy Rinaman Marsch

I first became aware of Jane Davis as I was beginning this publishing venture, and her covers and website really drew me in. I have since read her excellent new title My Counterfeit Self and look forward to reading more of her work. Jane asks great questions, and I hope you enjoy my answers. We share an admiration for the fictional character Olive Kittredge, mentioned in the interview.

Click here or on Jane's picture to read on . . .

"Like Laura Ingalls Wilder, but for grown-ups!”

Who can resist a found antique journal, its original wedding-day entry edited in pencil to tell a different story? Who indeed?


Novel Words Cafe on My Publishing History and Strategy

Image of a page from Rosette's journal
A page from Rosette's journal

Leanna Englert, who writes the Novel Words Cafe blog, has just published her interview with me about the publishing history and strategy for Rosette, "Blizzard," and Solomon.  Leanna's blog is an interesting collection of posts on writing craft in particular, sharing her contemplations of this amazing enterprise.

"In more ways than one, a found journal kept by a pioneer woman has proven to be 'a treasure trove of possibilities.' . . . While the writings are stand-alone works, their compelling characters & situations are linked, & Cindy's marketing strategy takes advantage of that synergy."


Win a Free Copy of the Illustrated ROSETTE!

A Goodreads Giveaway

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by Cindy Rinaman Marsch

Giveaway ends October 01, 2016.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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24 Charcoal Sketches

Betsy Marsch of Marsch Studios, the cover artist, worked with researched historical details to enhance the novel with authenticity.

Another Chance to Win

Even if you do not win the Goodreads Giveaway, join the Readers List at www.rosettebook.com for an additional prize drawing in October.

Mark Your Calendar for the Kindle Sale

October 5-10 the Kindle version of the novel will be on sale at half price, $1.99. Join the Readers List for a reminder of the sale.


A Triple Review from Roxie Prince for Her #yoiw Year of Indie Women Feature

My Kindle Scout friend Katherine Hayton ( The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton ) recommended Roxie Prince as a great reviewer seeking to get the word out about independent authors. Roxie started with "Blizzard" and then was wowed by Betsy Marsch's artwork in the beautiful paperback version of Rosette.


"A beautifully written novel that tells a story of a woman with a well of inner strength and wisdom that runs deeper than I think she ever realizes."


If You Have Reviewed Rosette or Blizzard, Could You Do Me A Favor?

Amazon does not automatically carry over reviews from one national site to another. So I currently have over twenty reviews on Amazon.com (US) and one on Amazon.co.uk (UK). Some of the promotional companies I'd like to use require a certain number of reviews in their own country, and I'd appreciate it if you could help me get more reviews in the UK.


First, if you have enjoyed the novel or the story but haven't reviewed it yet, please go ahead! Reviews are very important for book sales, even if they're not 5-star reviews. Even just a couple of lines with your star rating is helpful.


Below are the pages for reviews for Rosette and "Blizzard." If you find your review on its current site, you should be able to just copy the text and then go to the UK (or other national version of Amazon) site and, after creating an account, post there as well. Reviews posted on Goodreads are great, too.


While you're at the site, you can vote on particular reviews you think are helpful. The reviewers will appreciate that feedback. Hint: if you like a review, click on the reviewer's name and find links for his or her reviews of other books you might like. I add to my book list all the time from my Goodreads friends.


Amazon US Reviews for Rosette


Amazon UK Reviews for Rosette


Goodreads Page Linked to Reviews for Rosette and "Blizzard"


Amazon US Reviews for "Blizzard"


Amazon UK Reviews for "Blizzard"


It seems appropriate to give you a little something in return, so here's a beautiful photo from my husband's collection of images from our rural Pennsylvania neighborhood.



Grateful Author Cindy Rinaman Marsch

Photo of ripening blackberries
Ripening Blackberries Like the Lovely Reviews that Nourish the Reputations of *Rosette* and "Blizzard" (PC Glenn Marsch)

"Blizzard" Is the #1 Best Seller in Kindle Historical Fiction Short Stories Today

Screen shot of #1 Best Seller ranking on 8-15-16
"Blizzard" hits #1 in its category on Kindle books

As I ran a three-day free promotion for "Blizzard" over the weekend I saw it rise into the #1 spot in several different categories of FREE Kindle books, but only today when it went back into the paid category did I get to see this lovely little orange label on it, #1 in all books on Amazon in the historical short story category over 3000 books. Pretty, isn't it? :-)  And oh, so fleeting! 


From some of the reviews . . .

  • "Sets a new standard in survival stories . . . . with all the lyricism and physicality interwoven . . . worthy of Jack London or Hemingway."
  • "Totally conveyed the courage of the homesteaders. . . . Any book that can get my mind so engaged in the story that I'm still pondering the 'what ifs' a day later . . . is a well written and enthralling story."
  • "Though the characters' feelings were not described, their fear and near helplessness clearly came through, just like the blizzard through the shanty door."

Click on the image to order your copy, or visit www.rosettebook.com .






My Interview with Author Jay Lemming about Writing and Literary Fiction

A Conversation

I was privileged to answer some really interesting questions from Jay Lemming about how Rosette is both literary fiction and historical fiction. See the whole interview here.

Imagine turning a real life into fiction. Imagine creating a fictional marriage out of a historical 19th-century couple as complex and resonant as one we might witness in our time. As author Cindy Rinaman Marsch explains:  “Sometimes I think we get the idea that we’re more advanced than people were a generation or a century or millennium ago, but the best writers (and painters) of history amaze us when they capture US in their subjects. I wanted to do that.”

Jay Lemming is a writer living in Washington, D.C. Visit his blog to learn more about his work, including his novel about border issues, Billy Maddox Takes His Shot.


Awarded the Awesome Indies Badge of Approval

"A poignant and compelling novel that hangs together like a vintage patchwork quilt."


Click here to read the notice and brief review on AwesomeIndies.net



Rosette Has Hooked Debbie Young of The Alliance of Independent Authors

I have admired Debbie Young's work with ALLi in the months I've been associated with this great organization for indies, and I'm honored that she is reading and thrilled that she is enjoying Rosette.


Photo of Debbie Young
Debbie Young

When she finished reading, Debbie posted a full review at her blog Debbie Young's Reading Life. Click on the link to read more.




  • "Marsch has interspersed diary entries within the novel . . . but she also broadens the scope by writing from other characters' viewpoints, to create a vivid and absorbing picture of the life of pioneers as they build their own new town, society and country around them in former wilderness."
  • "Marsch's use of language is sublime. She echoes the phraseology of the time without sounding phoney, to the extent that the transcribed diary extracts blend seamlessly with Marsch's own text."
  • " . . . a fascinating and compelling historical novel which I highly recommend."

An Interview With Rosette Herself

The beautiful blog History Imagined has an ongoing feature "Getting Into Character." I had fun imagining interviewing Rosette herself. What she has to say reveals a bit you cannot find in the novel, nor even in the fascinating letters of 1894 that I offer in the Afterword. Click here to read "Cindy Rinaman Marsch Interviews Rosette of Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan."


"And why should women vote? Because it would be only an act of justice, after all. She is just as much human as a man is . . ."


 - Rosette Cordelia Ramsdell Churchill, 1894 (From the interview)

A business card reading "If I could have done as I wished I should have had a cat long ago."
A quote from Rosette's journal - one side of a business card. The other side is the cover portrait.

Featured in The Alliance of Independent Authors: Book Marketing Shots in the Dark

I shared with the ALLi Facebook community my pleasant experience with grateful readers--though it cost me to start with!


Click here to read Book Marketing Shots in the Dark compiled by Katherine Hayton (recent Kindle Scout winner, by the way) for ALLi.



The Cover of Rosette is "Elegant and Intriguing," Says The Book Designer

Each month Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer posts "E-Book Cover Design Awards," and Rosette appears in the February 2016 list. See more of Betsy Marsch's work at BetsyMarsch.com or liven up your Facebook feed by liking and following Marsch Studios.



Featured in "This Week in the Blogs" by The Book Designer

Honored to be linked in this very popular blog, the post "This Week in the Blogs, March 5-11, 2016," referencing "How to Run a Kindle Scout Campaign - And Why" by Cindy Rinaman Marsch for ALLi.


I've learned a lot from Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer, in the last year. If you're a writer, make his site a regular stop!



Guest Post for The Alliance of Independent Authors: About the Kindle Scout Campaign

Click here to read How to Run a Kindle Scout Campaign - And Why by Cindy Rinaman Marsch for ALLi.


Includes three elements for making the most of your campaign and an explanation of how "losing" can still be a win. 


Interview With The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Author interview with Lisa Lynn, whose blog is about getting back to basics in homesteading. Click here to read "Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan - Interview With the Author"


Includes notes about the background of writing the novel, how prosperous or needy the pioneers were, and how the current events of the day came into the journal and shaped the novel.