The week I ranked higher than Stephen King . . .


During the first week of July 2016, a combination of promotional efforts raised my Amazon author rank to the point that I made it into the top 100 Bestselling Authors of Kindle Historical Fiction. This screen shot shows where I fit as #76, just a couple down from Jacqueline Winspear (Maisie Dobbs) and just above Stephen King!


I had to document it.

What They're Saying Out There About Rosette


Awesome Indies Books has awarded Rosette the Awesome Indies Badge of Approval!

  • This means that it meets or exceeds the standard of editing and craftsmanship of books published by major mainstream publishers. It is worthy of your attention. . . . (Read more with the link.)


Ayisha Malik, Managing Editor at Cornerstones Literary Consultancy (UK), chose the opening page of Rosette for the February 2016 Cornerstones Mini Masterclass.

  • This is an intriguing first page. It has a great sense of setting: dusty terrain, struggling with the labour and harvest, and the author's imagery gives a tantalising taste of this. The Voice is strong, which helps to reel the reader in . . . (Read more with the link.)

During my Kindle Scout campaign December 10, 2015 - January 9, 2016, M.L. Gardner, bestselling author of the 1929 series of historical fiction, featured Rosette in her newsletter.

  • As a reader, I love introducing new fiction to fellow book lovers (almost as much as I love reading). And I'm assuming that since you're subscribed to my mailing list, you're also a fan of historical fiction. I'm thrilled to introduce you to Cindy Marsch, author of Rosette. (Read more with the link.)

Joshua Grasso, author of The Astrologer's Portrait, The Winged Turban, and The Count of the Living Death, and Professor of English at East Central University (OK), gives Rosette five stars on

  • "Anonymous Was a Woman"--and Her Name Was Rosette. Rosette is a beautiful history lesson, where instead of facts and dates, we get poetry and passion, regret and remembrance. . . . Cindy Marsch has brought these forgotten names to light, and for a brief moment, given them center stage as the heroes, rather than the stagehands of history. (Read more with the link.)


Bet, a member of Goodreads, gives Rosette four stars.

  • This book is a perfect read for those who like historical novels set in the American pioneer days. The novel . . . is a compelling and fascinating look into the life of a pioneer family in Michigan before the Civil War. After reading the book, connect to the website . . . to learn more about Rosette and her times. (See review with the link.)

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