Solomon Ramsdell: A Novel of the Civil War Era

Introducing Solomon Ramsdell

Rosette's brother and a veteran of the Civil War.


The Novel in Progress

Filling out events touched on in Rosette, this new novel traces Solomon's life from his courtship of Jennette Watson through his service in the Civil War and his imprisonment at Andersonville to his return home and the events of the next few years.


The Painting

This detail of the now-complete cover painting for the novel brings to life the Solomon Ramsdell depicted in a head-and-shoulders photograph of him in early middle age. The artist is Betsy Marsch of Marsch Studios.

Painted image of Solomon Ramsdell, bearded and with a high forehead and blue eyes, in a rust coat, red vest, and tan trousers, with a black bowtie, and in his hands a tophat and a cane, all in a wooded setting
Solomon Ramsdell, detail of a painting by Betsy Marsch


Solomon joined the 6th Michigan Cavalry as a bugler the last day of 1863 and was captured at the battle of Trevilian Station in Virginia, spending about two months at the notorious Andersonville prison in Georgia. After the war he settled in the Grattan area north of Grand Rapids, and Ramsdell Road still winds through that beautiful country, alongside the Bostwick Lake Cemetery where he and his family are buried.

Beauty in Tragedy

Solomon Ramsdell suffered heartbreaking events in his war experience and family life, and many readers of the novel about his sister have said how drawn they are to him. I feel the same, and I'm excited to work on this new companion novel that stands on its own, yet harmonizes with Rosette.

When Can You Read It?

As of January 2020 I have come to the first draft of the last few chapters. Join the Readers List below for details on my progress and special offers when the novel is ready to launch! I will recruit beta and advance readers from the Readers List.