Rosette's Bloomers

A Clue on the Cover

Have you studied the gorgeous painting that Betsy Marsch did of the Rosette we imagined, based on photos of Rosette's brothers and clues in her journal? If you look closely, you'll see she's wearing bloomers. If you read the novel, you'll find out Rosette's curious history with bloomers. And if, at the end of the novel, you use the link to sign up for the list "After Rosette," you'll learn even more about the middle-aged Rosette's political opinions and bloomer opinions!

The History of Bloomers

In History Imagined, Becky Lower tells the history of this curious garment and its place in women's history. In April 2016 this blog featured an interview with Rosette, in which "she" tells more than is in the novel - regarding her bloomers.

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