"Blizzard" Is the #1 Best Seller in Kindle Historical Fiction Short Stories Today

Screen shot of #1 Best Seller ranking on 8-15-16
"Blizzard" hits #1 in its category on Kindle books

As I ran a three-day free promotion for "Blizzard" over the weekend I saw it rise into the #1 spot in several different categories of FREE Kindle books, but only today when it went back into the paid category did I get to see this lovely little orange label on it, #1 in all books on Amazon in the historical short story category over 3000 books. Pretty, isn't it? :-)  And oh, so fleeting! 


From some of the reviews . . .

  • "Sets a new standard in survival stories . . . . with all the lyricism and physicality interwoven . . . worthy of Jack London or Hemingway."
  • "Totally conveyed the courage of the homesteaders. . . . Any book that can get my mind so engaged in the story that I'm still pondering the 'what ifs' a day later . . . is a well written and enthralling story."
  • "Though the characters' feelings were not described, their fear and near helplessness clearly came through, just like the blizzard through the shanty door."

Click on the image to order your copy, or visit www.rosettebook.com .





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