If You Have Reviewed Rosette or Blizzard, Could You Do Me A Favor?

Amazon does not automatically carry over reviews from one national site to another. So I currently have over twenty reviews on Amazon.com (US) and one on Amazon.co.uk (UK). Some of the promotional companies I'd like to use require a certain number of reviews in their own country, and I'd appreciate it if you could help me get more reviews in the UK.


First, if you have enjoyed the novel or the story but haven't reviewed it yet, please go ahead! Reviews are very important for book sales, even if they're not 5-star reviews. Even just a couple of lines with your star rating is helpful.


Below are the pages for reviews for Rosette and "Blizzard." If you find your review on its current site, you should be able to just copy the text and then go to the UK (or other national version of Amazon) site and, after creating an account, post there as well. Reviews posted on Goodreads are great, too.


While you're at the site, you can vote on particular reviews you think are helpful. The reviewers will appreciate that feedback. Hint: if you like a review, click on the reviewer's name and find links for his or her reviews of other books you might like. I add to my book list all the time from my Goodreads friends.


Amazon US Reviews for Rosette


Amazon UK Reviews for Rosette


Goodreads Page Linked to Reviews for Rosette and "Blizzard"


Amazon US Reviews for "Blizzard"


Amazon UK Reviews for "Blizzard"


It seems appropriate to give you a little something in return, so here's a beautiful photo from my husband's collection of images from our rural Pennsylvania neighborhood.



Grateful Author Cindy Rinaman Marsch

Photo of ripening blackberries
Ripening Blackberries Like the Lovely Reviews that Nourish the Reputations of *Rosette* and "Blizzard" (PC Glenn Marsch)

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