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Use the links above to read reviews of Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan and its publishing journey with Kindle Scout.

Questions? I have answers . . .

What if I want both versions?

Thank you! Amazon has retired its discounted Matchbook service, but if you join the Readers List with the form link at the bottom of this page, you can learn of special deals when they become available.


What if I don't have a Kindle?

No problem! You can use a Kindle app on your computer, iPad or other tablet, or smart phone.


Should I buy a copy of Rosette to make sure you get money for it? I am a member of Kindle Unlimited. How does my getting a free book help you or other authors?

In this new publishing environment, the circulation of free or nearly-free books helps generate interest in a title for others to purchase it. Kindle Unlimited and the Amazon Prime Lending Library generate "shares" of royalties among writers. Some authors say they make MORE from those royalties than from actual paid sales of their books. So know that your "free books" are earning money for their writers. (Note, royalties are based on pages read, so read it once you get it!)


Should I review Rosette when I finish reading it?

Yes, please! Reviews are particularly important to authors, creating a grassroots form of advertising. Amazon does not allow "Customer Review" from those close to an author or from non-Amazon purchases, but you may review on Goodreads and elsewhere without restriction. Please consider sharing your review on Social Media and letting me know about it so I can share, too.


More questions?

Please email to ask, or ask on Facebook, and maybe I'll add the answer here!


Thank you so much for your interest in ROSETTE.