An Interview With Rosette Herself

The beautiful blog History Imagined has an ongoing feature "Getting Into Character." I had fun imagining interviewing Rosette herself. What she has to say reveals a bit you cannot find in the novel, nor even in the fascinating letters of 1894 that I offer in the Afterword. Click here to read "Cindy Rinaman Marsch Interviews Rosette of Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan."


"And why should women vote? Because it would be only an act of justice, after all. She is just as much human as a man is . . ."


 - Rosette Cordelia Ramsdell Churchill, 1894 (From the interview)

A business card reading "If I could have done as I wished I should have had a cat long ago."
A quote from Rosette's journal - one side of a business card. The other side is the cover portrait.

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