"Blizzard: A Story of Dakota Territory"

#1 Best Seller on Amazon in Historical Fiction Short Stories in August 2016

Rosette's Family in a Famous Storm

The Children's Blizzard of 1888 killed hundreds on the prairie. Though we cannot be sure that Rosette was there at the time, historical documents put her in the Dakotas throughout the last decades of her life. Other documented details provide the framework for this short story.


The story and the novel can each stand alone, but each provides rich detail and new insights for the other. Read them both!


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"The pioneers were by and large a taciturn lot. . . . Yet their accounts of the blizzard of 1888 are shot through with amazement, awe, disbelief. . . . The blizzard literally froze a single day in time. It sent a clean, fine blade through the history of the prairie."  - David Laskin, THE CHILDREN'S BLIZZARD

Cover of M. J. Neary book
By M. J. Neary

"'Blizzard' is a gripping, lyrical, chilling novella. . . . Experience the intimacy of a tight-knit family amidst a natural disaster, with all the lyricism and physicality interwoven. The gorgeous, detailed prose is worthy of Jack London or Hemingway."


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